Alba Cola is a contemporary cola with soul, inspired by Scotland’s people and culture. Made with natural ingredients from the land, it’s a refreshing take on the traditional.

Made with</br>Scottish water

Made with
Scottish water

Scottish Water

Scottish water, which is some of the purest in the world, keeps Scotland going. And without it there would be no Alba Cola (just as well it doesn’t look like we’re going to run out any time soon).

Flavoured with</br>heather extract

Flavoured with
heather extract

Heather extract

Scotland’s wet weather means heather grows freely and abundantly over our world-famous hills and glens. Alba Cola chose this unique botanical as an homage to one of the nation’s most iconic plants.

A Take On The Traditional

Alba Cola is for those who seek new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.

We believe in evolution over revolution. By channeling the progressive spirit of Scotland, we have created a new take on the world’s most ubiquitous soft drink.

We don’t take life too seriously, good times with great people is what we’re all about.

As for the unicorn, this mythological creature means something different to everyone: it can stand for hope, individuality, even strength. It’s open to interpretation, and it just so happens to be Scotland’s national animal!

The Cola


Alba Cola is made with quality Scottish water and heather extract, an homage to one of Scotland’s most iconic flowers.

Lightly carbonated with a buzz of botanicals, our recipe is made with all-natural sugars and is suitable for vegans.

Whether grabbed on the go, ordered down your local or enjoyed at home, it’s a refreshing reimagining of cola as you know it.

Best served chilled.

<p>Made with Scottish Water</p>

Made with Scottish Water

<p>Flavoured with Heather Extract</p>

Flavoured with Heather Extract

<p>All Natural<br />

All Natural

<p>Suitable for<br />

Suitable for